MRX-6R Verbr. Glattbahn Chassis MUGEN

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MRX-6R Verbr. Glattbahn Chassis MUGEN

MRX6R features:
The MRX6R chassis features a new shape, with an additional carbon tray, to fit the weights below the fuel tank.  It improves the durability and center flexibility of the chassis.  This feature was proven at the recent IFMAR Worlds Championship.
-Drive train:
The new multiple bearing clutch system improves durability of bearings and clutch bell itself.  The newly surface treatment of the clutch bell, in combination with the newly produced clutch shoe, will improve the acceleration.  Also used at the IFMAR World Championship.  
Longer rear lower arm's will improve traction and drivability.
-Front cut radio tray:
A new shape of radio tray will improve mid corner steering.  An optional brace will be available too, to be able to adjust the flexibility of the radio tray in front.
-Front bumper:
The new shape of front bumper will improve the durability of body shell.  It won't touch the ground the same way as the previous one too.
-Battery mount:
The battery mount will be assembled with rubber grommet's, so it has less influence on chassis flexibility.
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