Project 4X EVO 1/10 EP

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Main new 4X EVO items
Vertical top-deck for less tweak

Chassis plate carbon with better flex characteristic 

Bigger heave dampers with more oil and larger shock-springs

Motor mount with better flex control

Updated bumpers for access and performance

Linear pull rods system for improved steering

Lower mounting point for RRS links

Main front and rear brackets in a stronger construction

Fixed length molded pull rods for ease of use and perfection

Improved centre shaft holders 

Bladeless front spool

Serpent designer David Ehrbar and Serpent are very proud to be able to release this new innovative and high performance 4X EVO car to the market.

As the car is so different, Serpent will spend even more time to prepare information on assembly, set-up and maintenance of the Project 4X EVO car, in text, images and video, to help you to learn and understand the concept and unleash its full potential faster. Although at first the Project 4X EVO car may look a bit complicated, after some explaining, you will soon understand it’s actually quite simple and really easy to work with. But the main advantage is that it is very easy to drive and at the same time lightning fast. Innovation Performs. The Serpent Project 4X EVO is here!

Overview of the main specs
- Separate roll and heave motion in the car to make set-up easier and more precise
- Small and light roll dampers front and rear that need only small amounts of oil, with through rod piston systems so no membrane is needed
- Larger heave damper with more oil and bigger springs 
- Dampers include machined pistons for best possible consistency
- Good selection of heave and roll springs
- Anti-roll bar function integrated in roll damper/springs
- Easy and fast to change / replace the whole damper units
- Front and rear end are almost identical, so less spare parts needed
- Pivot ball suspension with small balls for simplicity and free movement
- Easy diff and spool removal
- Extremely low center of gravity
- Reversed steering system for better Ackermann geometry
- Motor holder with right flex
- Re-Active rear steering RRS system is standard
- Ball raced mid-shaft holders allow easy maintenance and changing of spur gears
- Molded pull rod activated system with rockers to activate the dampers
- Same heave damper front and rear which is mounted below the diff/spool just above the chassis for lowest possible center of gravity
- Durable and smooth gear differential 
- Battery mounting system allows reposition the battery more front or rear
- In case of shorty Lipo's are used, the Lip can be positioned in 3 ways 
- One screw ride-height adjustment from chassis side 
- Lightweight front aluminium spool with hardened steel outdrives, bladeless 
- Carbon fibre chassis in 2mm as standard 
- DJC system in the front made out of spring-steel prevent wheel chatter and rear regular cvd’s made out of 7075 T6 aluminium save weight
- One short and one longer Kevlar reinforced drive belt and super true running pulleys, midshaft pulleys made out of hard anodized aluminium for maximum durability
- Concept and design by Serpent Designer David Ehrbar from Germany

High performance 4wd touring car with an extremely low centre of gravity and a unique suspension system which separates roll and heave set-up. This combined with a well proven transmission system and overall Serpent quality and engineering solutions.

In the 4X EVO car the heave and roll of the car operate and are set independently. The front and rear end of the car are almost identical in design and share many of the same parts front and rear, so you need less different spares.

Heave damper
There is one heave damper in the front and one in the rear and they work in the same way. The heave damper is located just above the chassis to lower the centre of gravity. Molded pull rods which are connected to the upper arms link to the rocker system. The rocker system is connected through a swivel unit to the heave damper and roll damper unit. The bigger heave damper now has more oil inside and works with foam for compensation. The shock springs are now larger in diameter and more effective. Different oils and springs can be used for setup work, influencing mainly bump and on-throttle/off-throttle transitions. It is easy to access from the bottom of the chassis.
The ride height is set with a simple one screw setting in the chassis, both front and rear. 

Roll damper
The roll damper unit consist of an oil body for dampening with a through shaft and has a small spring on each side. This unit controls the roll of the chassis; it works as an anti-roll bar.
Different oils and springs can be used for setup work. The whole unit comes out after releasing just 2 screws. One can have complete roll damper assemblies ready to change settings in seconds. 

Motor mount
Extremely low 7075 T6 aluminium motor mount which doubles up as connector for the midshaft holders, connection for the RRS system, holder for the alu stiffener and connector to the central brace, all-in one.

Gear differential
The nicely shaped gear differential features molded internal gears which makes it super smooth. The compact and light unit holds a good amount of oil to deliver consistent performance throughout the run. It is fast and easy to take out and re-mount the differential.

Front spool
The coated aluminium front spool with lightened spring steel outdrives is a bladeless type which ensures superb handling and durability throughout the race. It is fast and easy to take out and re-mount the spool

The transmission system consists of large diff and spool pullies and efficient low friction belts. The light centre shaft pullies are durable coated aluminium units. 
Mid shaft section
The ball raced durable hollow spring steel mid shaft holds the 2 pullies as well as the spur in place. The assembly is super easy to build and maintain. The aluminium midshaft holders are same left and right. 

Carbon fibre chassis in 2.0mm thickness. Countersunk holes and designed to have equal flex left to right. The screws to set ride height are adjusted from the bottom of the chassis with just one screw in front and one in the rear with a simple and effective mechanism to adjust the ride height. 

Top deck
The topdeck consist of 2 vertical mounted carbon braces mounted to the front and rear brackets with 2 additonal supports on the centreline. The additional supports can be used or not, as to influence flex / torsion. The topdeck is an important feature to limit the tweak of the car in crashes. 

Battery mounts
State of the art battery mounts made in aluminium and carbon fibre and allow positioning the battery more to the front or backing and securing it well in place. Shorty lipos can be placed centered, in front or rearward position.

Floating servo mount
The servo mount is a combination of a carbon brace and aluminium posts. The carbon brace is bolted to the central brace and does not touch the chassis to prevent any flex influence. 

Steering system
The ball raced aluminium steering system consists of an inversed lever system to better control the Ackermann setting. The angle difference between the inside and outside wheel is a lot more linear than in conventional designs. 


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