Infinity IF14 Touring Car Kit

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Based on the chassis design SMJ CX11, the exponential development has been accomplished as an INFINITY.

The prototype has already made it's stellar mark on big race titles and the enhanced performance has been verified.

Main Features:

  • The new main chassis design pursued the ultimate chassis flex balance.
  • Easy to adjust chassis flexibility by changing the position and number of screws to fix lower bulkhead.
  • Aluminum suspension holder directly mounted to the lower bulkhead to unhindered chassis flex.
  • Aluminum center pulley allows superb durability.
  • Selectable steering crank position hanging from servo mount or main chassis.
  • 1 piece type sway bar holder allows for a sinuously reception of initial motion.
  • Resin eccentric bush for easy toe angle and antiquate set-ups.
  • Short big bore dumper and SMJ silver line springs.
  • Red anodized aluminum turnbuckles.
  • D.J. CVD is equipped in the front as standard.
  • 2.25mm thick main chassis and 2.0mm thick top deck
  • Hard-type lower suspension arms, steering blocks and rear uprights come as standard.
  • SMJ zero-gap foam bumper comes as standard.
  • AXON spur gear TCS (64 pitch) is included.
  • Second speed reduction ratio: 2.0
  • Front axle: Rigid axle (38T)
  • Rear differential: Gear differential with oil encapsulated (38T)
  • Not included: Radio, ESC, Motor, battery, Steering servo, pinion gear, tires, wheels, insert, body shell.
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